ESX configuration script – display full path in COS

October 25th, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

MS-DOS old timers should appreciate this. I’ve been using this snippet for a few years in my ESX host deployment scripts.

ESX script to display the full path in COS


In your ESX console, instead of seeing this:

[root@host vmware]#

You’ll see this:

[root@host /etc/vmware]#

#Paste the following into PuTTY on your ESX host:

mv /etc/bashrc /etc/bashrc.old

sed -e “s/\\h \\\W/\\h \\\w/g” /etc/bashrc.old > /etc/bashrc

Close your PuTTY session and re-open to see the change take effect.


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  1. Duncan says:

    I’ve been using this for ages, I love this little tweak! Makes life a lot easier when troubleshooting.