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October 26th, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

I finally got around to removing the default logo on the banners used in the Xplosive Reloaded 1.0 theme I’m using. Anyone using Xplosive Reloaded can feel free to “borrow” my updated version of the banners. I’m not a graphics art guru but I was able to use SnagIt (a screen capturing tool I regularly use) to get the job done. All four of the banner images (.PNG format) are identical in pixel dimensions. The only difference between the four banners are the colors used. Once saved, the aqua (blue) and prairie (green) banners are 4KB, the default (red) banner is 8KB, and the autumn (orange) banner is 12KB. Can someone can please explain that to me? First person with the correct answer wins a new MacBook w/o firewire (just kidding).

Added a few plugins:
Akismet (spam filter for comments)
Flickr Manager (using my own bandwidth for hosting images wasn’t going to be feasible)
Feedburner (again, a bandwidth saving measure, but also a feed statistics tool as well)
Related Posts (appends other potentially related posts to new posts)
TinyMCE Advanced (more wysiwyg editor goodness for writing)
Twitter Tools (displays Twitter updates in a sidebar widget)


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