Plaxo: Did we really need another online network?

October 29th, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

I’ve been a member of the LinkedIn online networking site for, I think, over ten years.  The goal of building the biggest baddest list of online networking contacts ever orbits my interest cluster about once every three or four years (I’m on my active cycle right now by the way).  Nonetheless, during those periods of minimal activity, LinkedIn has graciously maintained my account without so much as even a friendly periodic inactivity email reminder.

Then I start receiving email requests from friends and colleagues that have joined the new Plaxo online networking site.  Some of these people I already have links to on LinkedIn.  Maintaining contacts and my updated information in both LinkedIn and Plaxo is about as much fun and time well spent as keeping all of my bookmarks in sync between different PCs and browsers.  You’ll have to excuse me as I come from the Netscape days… Favorites might be the term you recognize.

Relatives, friends, and colleagues, I refuse to participate in Plaxo and as such I accept no contact requests in that system.  LinkedIn was and still is the standard.  As far as I’m concerned, Plaxo had no business re-inventing a solution that had already existed for a decade and in the process mucking up a perfectly functioning eco system.


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