VI3 Pricing, Packaging, and Licensing Overview

October 30th, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

I hadn’t seen this VMware document before and I suspect it was created recently.  Thanks to Roger Lund, a Minnesota local, for bringing it to my attention over at his blog article entitled ESXi Free or Licensed? 

It’s a ten page .PDF that covers, you guessed it, VI3 pricing, packaging, and licensing, a topic that can be somewhat intimidating particularly for those who are new to VMware products or perhaps those that have been brainwashed by Microsoft’s virtualization marketing campaigns.  Sorry, I won’t give Microsoft the benefit of linking to what it is that I’m referencing.

Page four contains a modified version of the VI3 components and pricing chart I like to reference so much.  Before reading this document word for word, the chart on page four might be the best place to start.