VMware Communities using Hyper-V Quick Migration during business hours?

November 12th, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

The VMware Communities are down this morning for what I’m hoping is unplanned maintenance. Hopefully they get all of the kinks worked out.

If it was planned maintenance (the outage message does mention “system upgrade”), VMware, please – not during business hours.



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  1. Dejan says:

    What’s bussiness hours for you is sleeping hours for someone else in other parts of the world. Vmware is not used just on one continent.

    But I agree that the message shouldn’t be presented at any time of day. We expect 24h/day uptime from someone that is a leader within virtualization.

  2. jason says:

    I think we agree.

    VMware wants do big business and impact enterprise datacenters. They better have their act clean. Who would want to do business with a company whose philosophy is “downtime during business hours is ok”, especially in the type of business VMware is in? Quite frankly, that’s the Hyper-V motto today and that doesn’t cut it for most datacenters.

    I’m all for VMware. That’s what this blog is about. But VMware is far from perfect and I’m not going to hold back about giving VMware their fair share of shots. If the criticism doesn’t come from me, it will most definitely come from the competitors on a much larger and more visible scale. I hope VMware listens to what its customers and followers have to say and react by making improvements. This would be good for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are listening and doing as much as they can with the resources they have.

  3. Rodos says:

    Business hours for who? Not everyone in the world lives in the same time zone you know. 🙂

  4. jason says:

    Business hours for the time zone and country in which VMware is headquartered in.

    November 13th was a Thursday. If we can’t agree on a time that is or is not good for the whole planet because VMware is a 24×5 website, can we at least agree planned maintenance should not occur on a weekday?

    Dates, times, sarcasm, and devil’s advocate role playing aside, the outage was unplanned. VMware simply hadn’t changed their outage banner from “performing maintenance” to “technical difficulties”. The outage was visible at the CIO level.