Where is Diane Greene?

November 22nd, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

I haven’t heard any news from or about Diane Greene, the former CEO and co-founder of VMware, since her departure from VMware in July 2008.  Despite her termination, nobody can argue that Diane played a large role in VMware’s success.  Will she resurface?  She is still listed on Intuit’s website as being on their board of directors, however, the same Intuit web page still lists her as an Executive Vice President at EMC and President of VMware.  Gee Intuit, update your web page thingy much?  About as much as your Quicken code tree I imagine which still hammers my x86 processors for no good reason.  But I digress.  Did Diane receive a golden parachute and would she be content filling the creative void with pottery classes?  I think she has too big of a brain to go away quietly.  I see her involved in something bright in the next five years.  Will it be virtualization related?

What about her husband and VMware co-founder Mendel Rosenblum? I understand after leaving VMware this year he is spending significantly more time in his research at Stanford University as an Associate Professor of Computer Science.  Is that the final chapter for him?

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


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  1. Market Dog & Venture Capitalist says:

    Diane and Mendel are teaming up for the next wave of Fabric Computing. A lot of exciting things will be happening. Stay tuned!

  2. I agree with you, there is no way Diane or Mendel will be content sitting around not “doing” or “creating” something. Sure, Mendel is spending brain power teaching and helping others, but there is something to be said about starting your own company, watching your own creation grow into something that other people use and enjoy. These two aren’t passengers in life. And they made enough money from VMware that they shouldn’t have to worry about non-competes or VC funding. It should be… idea? Yup. Let’s go!

    Fabric Computing, huh? Interesting. I hope you’re right about them working on something “exciting”. I can’t wait to see what they come out with.


  3. Diane Carlini says:

    Hi Jason, I’m on the corp comms team at Intuit. I read your post, so I went and double-checked our site-and wanted to let you know, it does have the current info on Diane Greene. The link you have here is dated. Below is the current link.

  4. jason says:

    Thank you for the update Diane – I appreciate the feedback. You might consider taking down the outdated page to avoid further confusion.