Cloud computing explanation that anyone can understand

January 7th, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

2009’s datacenter trend (which really impacts virtualization and beyond) is cloud computing. Right now there are approximately 1,001 interpretations and explanations of what people think cloud computing is, which for me has made things excessively confusing. It’s still a lot of fluff until I see the SKUs and installable components, then I’ll be able to see where the rubber really meets the road.  For companies like Amazon, the cloud is already reality and it’s catching on quickly with other big names like VMware, Google and IBM.

One of my many goals in 2009 is to get a firm grasp of cloud computing.  It starts today.  Following is the best explanation I’ve come across yet (thank you for the link John Troyer) where cloud computing is explained to me like I’m a five year old so I could understand it better.  I know there are others that “don’t get it”.  I hope this helps.


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  1. Sean Clark says:

    Funny, but very good explanation of what cloud computing is. (Really just wanted to put another comment out to see if my Gravatar would work on your blog).

  2. heshy says:

    this is one of best explanation of cloud computing i found ,thank you