Hyper9 expands beta testing

January 13th, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

New readers of my blog may not be aware of Hyper9 and their Google-like Hyper9 VI insight and infiltration product that is being diligently tested in a controlled beta program.

Hyper9 is back from their brief holiday slumber and has announced that they would like to widen their audience of beta testers. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and request features of a hot new product that is a pioneer in VI management tools. If you are interested in joining the beta program, please contact me.

There are a few guidelines and requirements to becoming full members of the Beta experience, and I hope you are able to meet these.

Beta Participant Minimum Environment Requirements

  • VMwareä ESX 3.0+
  • (1) VMware VirtualCenter Instance
  • (2) VMware ESX Host Servers

· (20) Virtual Machines

Additional Requirements

  • If selected, you must download and install the software within five (5) days of receiving the beta software. Can you do this?
  • When you have completed the installation process of Hyper9’s software, we ask that you notify us that this action has been completed. Can you do this?
  • Users from competitor companies are not eligible for participation.
  • Users will have to provide Hyper9 with their company’s name and Web site information.
  • Users will have to provide Hyper9 with their company email address for verification.

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