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January 13th, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

VKernel is sponsoring a new virtualization community resource called CompareMyVM.  It’s a forum where virtualization users around the globe can submit and share their VM virtual hardware sizings.  In VKernel’s words:

CompareMyVM is a community site where you learn how to right size your VMs. Compare your virtual machine resource allocations with that of the community at large. You can compare by application category to see how your peers are allocating resources to gain the most efficiency out of their environments. You can also contribute your VM sizings to the community. Your submissions are anonymous.

Things You Can Do On CompareMyVM…

* Browse Community Submissions
* Vote Submissions Up or Down
* Edit Submissions
* Submit Your Own VMs

This resource will prove to be handy for VI administrators of any skill level who are searching for a “known good” virtual hardware configuration for an application that may be new to them, but others have already had experience with.  This is yet another form of knowledge sharing and leveraging knowledge through peers to gain insight and save time in deployment of unfamiliar applications and architecture.

The community has already been seeded with six pages of configurations submitted as of this writing.  One thing that is a little weak at this point though is the ratings (or lack thereof).  If VKernel could somehow encourage more ratings, confidence in the submitted configurations would be bolstered.

Thank you for this resource VKernel.