Virtualization Manager Mobile (VMM) beta 1 released

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Lostcreations, an Austin-based software company which specializes in .NET and Java solutions for the heterogeneous virtualization sector of IT, has released beta version 1 of a product they are calling Virtualization Manager Mobile (VMM).

While the product is new, the concept is not:  Remote monitoring and management of your datacenter when you’re at the beach (or wherever remote management is inconvenient using traditional tools like laptops and WiFi).  It’s done through a hand held device having a web browser.

Beta 1 has the ability to monitor virtual machine CPU and memory utilization, as well as stop, start, suspend, and reset the VM.  The product currently supports VI3, and VMware Server 2.  Expect many new features in future versions including support for Hyper-V and XenServer 5 as well as the ability to develop your own plug-ins to extend other hypervisors.

The technology behind the tool includes AJAX and the Google Web Toolkit and the application back end installs on Windows, Linux, and OS X.  Lostcreations even provides a live demo to see the tool in action first hand!

After a decade of talking about it, we’re finally getting there!

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    FYI, VMWare has announced a similar Virtual Appliance: