Virtualization Wiki launched

February 11th, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

Rynardt Spies, proprietor of the VirtualVCP blog, has launched VI-Pedia, the Virtualization Open Wiki.

It looks like Rynardt has already begun populating the Wiki with links to VMware’s HCL information.  I think the following information which I posted over at the Petri IT Knowledgebase would also prove to be useful on the Wiki:

Community-Supported Hardware/Software for VMware Infrastructure
In 2007, VMware began maintaining a web page of non-HCL hardware that works with VMware ESX. This is a list of hardware and software components that have been reported to work with VMware Infrastructure, either by the community or by the individual vendors themselves. Great for people trying to build a cheap lab out of dubious or whitebox hardware. If your hardware is not on the official VMware HCL, check this list to see if someone has reported that your particular piece of hardware works with ESX.

Additional Resources for Community-Supported Hardware/Software for VMware Infrastructure

Thank you for putting this together Rynardt!


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  1. The correct link for the $500 server blog is here: I took the typepad account off-line.