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Press release from Tripwire.  I haven’t had time to take a look at the product yet but the announcement comes from a trustworthy and reputable source whom I respect.  I look forward to seeing some commentary either on the blog here or over at

Tripwire OpsCheck addresses key virtual infrastructure operational issues; offers an opportunity for virtual infrastructure professionals to share ideas and best practices

Portland, OR – Feb. 17, 2009 – Tripwire, Inc. today announced a major new initiative for virtual infrastructure (VI) professionals, which includes Tripwire OpsCheckTM, a free tool to manage VMware VMotion, and an online community for VI administrators. Tripwire OpsCheck assesses common configuration problems that may prevent VMotion from operating properly, and provides troubleshooting tips for configuring VMotion based on Tripwire OpsCheck test results. To download Tripwire OpsCheck, go to

To further support the needs of VI professionals, Tripwire has unveiled, an online community built around the concerns of VI professionals. Virtualization administrators, engineers and architects are invited to join the community and conversation to share best practices, network, and gain new resources and tools. For more information about the forum, visit

“Virtualization professionals are faced with unknown territory, requiring new tools to manage the complexities and risks of virtual environments,” said Dan Schoenbaum, chief operating officer of products, Tripwire. “That’s why Tripwire is committed to developing utilities specifically for virtualization, such as OpsCheck and ConfigCheck, and to creating a forum where VI professionals can share their experiences and knowledge.”

Tripwire ConfigCheck, released in 2008, provides an immediate assessment of the configurations of a VMware ESX hypervisor, comparing them against VMware hardening security guidelines, and then providing remediation instructions if any are needed. ConfigCheck is also available for free and can be downloaded at

About Tripwire, Inc.
Tripwire helps over 6,500 enterprises worldwide reduce security risk, attain compliance and increase operational efficiency across virtual and physical environments. With its industry leading configuration assessment and change auditing software solutions, IT organizations achieve and maintain configuration control. Tripwire is headquartered in Portland, Ore. with offices worldwide.


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  1. Karen Hepner says:

    Thanks for the blog post! We have been seeing some great traffic on, and so far we’ve received very positive feedback on OpsCheck. I know not everyone is using VMotion, but those who are seem to find the tool very useful.