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April 26th, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

Quick note to the virtualization blog readers that our friend Rynardt Spies is experiencing technical difficulties while on vacation in South Africa. As a result, his popular virtualization blog may be unavailable until Saturday May 2nd.

“I’m writing to try and get the word out the my blog is down. I’m on holiday in South Africa and it seems like there’s been a failure of some sort with my firewall. I’m unable to fix the problem until i’m back in the uk on Saturday, 2 may.

Could you please just post this on your blog as there is now hundreds of hits a day that will get bounced and i have no way of communicating this to readers.


Rynardt Spies
VCP / vExpert”

Rynardt, don’t feel bad. I had the same thing happen to my website (along with a few others that I was hosting) when I went away on my honeymoon. The gateway router had locked up and denied traffic to the sites until I returned.


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