Tripwire Launches vWire, A Virtualization Management Solution

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vWire gives visibility and control to virtualization engineers to dramatically decrease complexity, downtime, and operational costs in virtual environments.

PORTLAND, Ore. – June 9, 2009 – Tripwire® today announced vWireTM, the first virtualization management solution to integrate change and configuration awareness into Virtual Infrastructure (VI) management. Solving a real business need for virtualization administrators, vWire continuously monitors the state of virtual systems and correlates data with critical events to provide context and insight into potential issues, and then acts to prevent and resolve problems that cause downtime.

vWire was designed based on direct input from the virtualization community to introduce a greater level of control and visibility over virtual environments. The new offering from Tripwire reduces the time that virtual infrastructure managers spend troubleshooting system failures. With vWire, IT organizations can optimize their virtual infrastructures, decrease downtime and improve reliability, while reducing operating costs through automated monitoring and problem detection.

“Tripwire is working with VMware to provide customers with solutions and tools that offer a holistic view of their virtualized environments while improving operational compliance of these systems,” said Shekar Ayyar, vice president, infrastructure alliances, VMware. “Tripwire’s new vWire extends the robust management capabilities of VMware solutions with capabilities targeted at providing increased visibility and helping troubleshoot problems quickly.”

vWire is easy to set up and requires no special training. Once installed with sufficient licenses and credentials, vWire automatically starts recording and analyzing the status of the entire virtual infrastructure. vWire is comprised of three major components:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Data Collection – vWire monitors all change, configuration and critical event data, providing a database of up-to-the-minute information that can be quickly accessed, searched, and filtered. vWire complements the availability features of the VMware platform by monitoring systems to help prevent or eliminate virtual system downtime.
  • Shared content – vWire data can be accessed with various combinations of filters, scripts and alerts, easily accessed through the vWire dashboard. Administrators can see at a glance the aggregated information that is relevant to ensuring the health of their virtual infrastructure. These capabilities ship with out-of-the box content, but can be easily customized. Users can also import shared content from the community, expanding the library of tools and solutions.
  • The vWire community – This online forum provides an opportunity for VI administrators, industry experts and product specialists to share content, expertise and solutions for issues involving the management of virtual systems.

According to Stephen Beaver, co-author of two books on virtualization, “Essential VMware ESX Server” and “Scripting VMware Power Tools: Automating Virtual Infrastructure Administration”, Tripwire Virtualization Evangelist, “virtualization is unique in that there can be thousands of unique configuration properties in a virtual infrastructure, and the number quickly goes up when you consider multiple objects. For example, a moderately small installation with two clusters, six ESX hosts, and 60 VMs will have 38,700 configuration properties for the clusters, hosts, and VMs. vWire’s configuration automation gives virtual administrators new visibility to effectively monitor and manage configuration, change and performance data across the virtual infrastructure – all from within VMware vCenterTM Server.”

vWire is available for immediate purchase and download at Also available at are two free, downloadable tools to help manage virtualized infrastructure: OpsCheck, which helps ensure systems are configured to support VMware VMotionTM by rapidly analyzing ESX 3.0, 3.5, and ESXi hypervisors; and, ConfigCheck, which helps ensure VMware environments are properly configured, a recommended and essential first step when deploying and virtualizing additional servers.

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Tripwire is the leader in data center compliance and infrastructure management solutions, building confidence for IT across both virtual and physical infrastructures. Tripwire Enterprise and vWire software, helps over 6,500 enterprises worldwide meet their configuration auditing, file integrity monitoring, virtual infrastructure management and change auditing needs for IT operations, security and compliance. Tripwire is headquartered in Portland, Ore. with offices worldwide. Tripwire can be found at,, and @vwire on Twitter.


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