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I’m reaching out to software vendors and/or readers who might be aware of an end to end application migration solution or an application migration story outlining solutions, challenges, successes, etc. The solution should be software driven. The solution will seamlessly migrate applications, services, and daemons from one platform (Windows or Linux) to another platform in the same family. As an example, the solution would migrate applications and/or services from Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003. On the Linux side, another example would be migrating applications and/or daemons from SLES 9.x to SLES 10.x.

As I stated, the solution would need to be as seamless and end to end as possible. Application and platform dependencies would need to be taken into consideration, and addressed or mitigated. For example, service packs, .DLLs, .NET framework, PERL, etc. on the Windows side. Kernel versioning, compiling, PERL, etc. on the Linux side.

I’m not exactly looking for professional services, however, I would be interested in hearing about your process and the tools you use. The solution need not be virtualization specific. The right tool would work with IBM, HP, Dell, whitebox, or virtual hardware.

If you are a vendor with a solution, or a reader with some application migration background, please drop me a line at or feel free to reply to this blog entry with a comment. Feedback both small or large is welcomed as usual.

Thank you in advance.


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  1. Our product is able to do some of what you are talking about, though the automation portion focuses on migration from Windows 2003 onto Windows 2008 server. There are some whitepapers on the company website where you can also request additional information about what we do.

  2. Max Wagener says:

    Hi Jason,

    interesting post. Could you post the email findings as well ??? We are just running a large concolidation project where such tools could be very, very helpful.