4 New ESX Patches Released

July 30th, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

Four new patches have been released for ESX 3.5.0. It appears ESXi, ESX4, and other versions of ESX are not impacted.

3 of the 4 patches are rated critical.

ESX350-200907403-BG – VMware Tools Update (General)

Adds support for Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 2 guest operating system.

Installing VMware Tools on Ubuntu 9.04 virtual machines display a message stating that no drivers are available for Xorg 7.5. This patch provides the VMware SVGA and mouse drivers for Xorg 7.5.

ESX350-200907404-BG – critical

Applications in a virtual machine using SSSE3 instructions might fail under certain conditions. The vmware.log file might display an entry or entries similar to:
May 20 17:14:44.398: vcpu-0| vmcore/decoder/decoder.c:655 0xd1e357 #UD e41d380f sz=4 ct=0.

When SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 virtual machines installed with Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) kernel or virtual machines supporting VMI are booted into VMI mode, the virtual machines might stop responding or become extremely slow.

ESX350-200907405-BG – critical

On IBM systems having iBMC/IMM devices, during boot time, the CDCEther driver could not complete its device discovery due to a timing issue in the device firmware. This patch fixes the issue.

ESX350-200907407-BG – critical

The maximum username length of UserAccount in the VMware VI Toolkit is increased from 16 to 32 characters.

Fixes an hostd memory leak issue with HTTP connection recycling when communicating with UI, SDK etc.

When a mounted NFS volume goes offline in an ESX Server cluster, it might cause the heap size to grow and might cause the ESX Server to stop responding.

VMFS locks on ESX Server hosts might be incorrectly broken, when a previous unlock operation from the same host fails.

Some virtual machines including Red Hat, Windows, and SUSE Linux Enterprise boot very slowly or might not boot at all when an EMC Symmetrix LUN in Not Ready state is attached to the virtual machines as an RDM device. After applying this fix, the virtual machines boot normally.


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  1. Tim says:

    VUM is one stupid app!! LOL
    It downloaded these patches to me for ESX 3.5!!!
    I didn’t even realize they were not 3.5 patches!!!
    I must fix my VUM!!! LOL