It’s coming… vCalendar

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What could it be?

Update 8/17/09: There have been some fantastic guesses in the comments! Such efforts must be rewarded. The clarity of the image has been improved some. In addition, fellow virtualization blogger Tom Howarth has correctly (and precisely I might add) guessed a letter position via Twitter. The title of this blog post has been updated accordingly. Looking back through the comments once more, it looked like VMDoug was onto something big when he mentioned ‘NDA’. Hmmmm…

Update 8/19/09: Not much activity since the last clues were given two days ago. Did everyone lose interest or they tired of being teased? VMDoug didn’t realize at first how closely his NDA comment was tied to this project. Blog post title has been updated.

Update #2 8/19/09: Cat is out of the bag. vCalendar is launched & avail at VMworld. Congrats @RickVanover & @davikes on solving the mystery! Head on over to the vCalendar page for more details:

For those keeping track, 1.5 weeks till VMworld 2009.


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  1. Harry says:


  2. TechFan says:

    What in the world?

  3. vmdoug says:

    The anticipation is killing me!

  4. vmdoug says:

    I know what it is but Jason made me sign an NDA 😉 Count the number of question marks…it’s a very subtle clue…

  5. rbrambley says:

    I’d say that this is a sign you need new contacts! 😉

  6. jason says:

    vContacts – Excellent guess Rich!

  7. Andrew Storrs says:

    Count the number of question marks you say Doug, well in that case it must be…

    v8? Jason’s new favorite drink! :p

  8. jason says:

    Doug’s comment which included ‘NDA’ was an absolutely huge clue in and of itself, and he probably didn’t even realize it. Some of you are onto the concept already but think Wheel of Fortune…

  9. williamwbishop says:

    Not cool! Seriously, if you’re going to hint, then leave a hint for those of us with very poor puzzle solving skills (or maybe we’re just to crisply burned from the 70 hour weeks).

    Come on, a hint I can use guys!

  10. jason says:

    More hints to come. Wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag prematurely. It’s a safe bet there is some timing involved with an upcoming event of some sort. Not sure what that would be…

  11. TechFan says:

    So, almost 3 weeks to wait. . .

  12. rbrambley says:

    I’d like to buy a “R” please.

  13. jason says:

    Yes, there is one “R”.

  14. ml says:

    The Groke from Moomin? 😉

  15. TechFan says:

    It looks like Tek-Tools has annouced something that fits that pattern. . .to be available Aug 31st. I guess we’ll see how it compares to the free veeam product I have been using for a while.

  16. vmdoug says:

    Tek-Tools? Haven’t seen any announcements from them. Their blog is down: and according to their events they’re not even going to VMworld (no events scheduled). Do you have a source for this Veeam killer? Just curious since I work for Veeam 😉

  17. TechFan says:

    We have been getting good use out of the free veeam monitor and fastscp. Thanks.

    I just got an email announcement from Tek-Tools this morning. I just don’t know if Jason wants it spoiled here (if that is what he is talking about). Debuting at VMWorld 2009 it says.

  18. jason says:

    Nothing to do with Tek-Tools…

  19. TechFan says:

    k, they are announcing free (slight on details) vProfiler. They will be at booth 2333. Unfortunately, I can’t be there this year, was in LV last year. I guess I must have visited Tek-Tools last year because that is the contact info they used to spam me.

  20. Hany Michael says:

    Nihahahahaha…I can’t believe no one really noticed!! And I can’t wait for the AWESOME remake of “V” :

  21. daVikes says:

    vMaster or Master VCP Cert. I’m sure Jason is first in line for this Cert.

  22. jason says:

    Updated… more clues revealed.

  23. Anything to do with Hyper9?

  24. jason says:

    Good guess David, but nothing to do with Hyper9 (although if I was smart I’d ask Andrew Kutz to ‘pluginize’ it) 🙂

  25. Duncan says:

    I really really hoped you would be announcing that vio-lence was playing at VMworld or in a club during VMworld… unfortunately this is not the case.

    But I do think this is an awesome initiative!

  26. vmdoug says:

    vLanvendar? A new scent for your VMware datacenter inspired by the PSoD?

  27. Davikes says:

    Found it!!

    vCalendar Virtualization  Page-a-Day Calendar
    Page-a-Day Calendar that begins on any month of a the year  By: Jason Boche

  28. Davikes says:

    Nice job Jason, I want to get one of those..

  29. jason says:

    Cat is out of the bag. vCalendar is launched & avail at VMworld. Congrats @RickVanover & @davikes on solving the mystery!

    Head on over to the vCalendar page for more details:

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