SQL 2005 SP2 End of Support to Force Rapid vSphere Upgrade?

October 1st, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

The way I read it, the Microsoft Support Lifecycle for SQL Server 2005 tells me that SQL Server 2005 SP2 support ends on 12/15/2009. That’s about 10 weeks from today.

Why should you care? If you’re utilizing VMware vCenter Server 2.5 in your production datacenter, you’ve got about 10 weeks to upgrade to vSphere to stay within a VMware supported configuration. The VMware Virtual Infrastructure Compatibility Matrixes reveal on page 10 that vCenter 2.5 is only compatible with SQL Server 2005 up to Service Pack 2. SP3 is not supported.

To make the jump to SQL Server 2005 SP3 or SQL Server 2008 requires upgrading to vSphere to stay within a VMware supported configuration.

I would venture to guess that a lot of VI customers are not ready for the jump to vSphere, especially those who wish to take advantage of the new features and the design considerations which must be evaluated and planned before deployment. Not to mention the licensing considerations which are tied to the new features. While we’re on the subject of licensing, keep in mind Enterprise licensing is retired mid December 2009. To keep existing Enterprise features in the virtual infrastructure will require Enterprise Plus licensing after the mid December Enterprise license retirement date.

With the SQL 2005 SP2 retirement date approaching, I’ll be looking for VMware modify their support stance to support SQL Server 2005 SP3. A lot of customers are going to need this to keep within support.

Speaking of SQL Server 2008, beware a caveat that Orchestrator 4.0 is not supported on SQL 2008 (yet).


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  1. Chris Dearden says:

    From what I remember there is a difference between end of support and service pack retiring ?

    The chances are it would be moving to extended support which would mean no more feature fixes , just security patches ?

  2. Bill Roberts says:

    VMware customers with View won’t have be able to upgrade until View 4.0 shows up

  3. Dave Convery says:

    Jason –
    I just looked at the M$ link. Here’s a surprise, they just changed the dates to 4/2011.

  4. The whole View aspect was my thinking, as well. Purchasing a second instance of vCenter would have been needed to keep our production ESX 3.5 environment supported while our pilot View 3 environment remains out of support. It is good news indeed if they have extended support thru April 2011.

  5. AFidel says:

    The link now says 1/12/2010 for SP2 which isn’t much of a reprieve.

  6. James D says:

    It looks like VMware has published a new vSphere Compatibility Matrix on Oct 20, 2009. vCenter 2.5 U5 now supports SQL 2005 with SP3.


  7. jason says:

    VMware added SQL 2005 SP3 support for vCenter 2.5u5, but the updated compatibility matrix is still showing VUM 1.5 is not compatible with SQL 2005 SP3. What is the point of certifying one without the other? Customers are typically using the same database platform for both vCenter and VUM.

  8. Leif Hvidsten says:

    Perhaps it’s an accidental omission in their matrix. For example, VUM 4.0 fully supports SQL Server 2005 through SP3, but the latest VUM Admin Guide from 7/21/09 states support for SP1 only on the bottom of page 22.

  9. @vRobM says:

    Jason, comes as a package. Must be doc omission. Ask to file a doc bug with your next SR..