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Much of what I do revolves around Email, or at least is at some point recorded in Email.  Just about every day I process email that has entered my inbox both at home and at work. And just about every day I’m reminded what an Email pack rat I am.  I keep all Email, or at least I attempt to.  Yeah, I’m kinda that guy who sometimes uses email as a file server.  At one point I was so bad, I used to keep SPAM messages as well but fortunately I came to the realization that:

  1. I had gone too far and was one step away from being clinically insane.
  2. As my volume of mail to process grew, including SPAM, I honestly never had any intention to go back and read SPAM, not even from a humor or posterity point of view.

So tonight I’m processing some items in my inbox at home.  In the back of my mind, I’m again reminded of the fact that I’ve got loads of old mail saved in my .PST file.  As a result, my curiosity suggests taking a break and locating the oldest piece of Email.  Since I have several folder catagories for Email I receive and in the interest of time, I decide not to bother searching each folder containing Email I which I have received.  The best bang for the buck here is to choose the folder which contains sent items, and then choose the oldest piece of Email based on sent date.  Who did I write to?  What was the subject?  When did I send it?

Would you believe this?

 7-1-2010 10-51-33 PM

The oldest recorded Email in my possession was sent in August 2003 to my friend Dawn in California, with the subject of VMWARE.  Well, I’ve provided the screenshot above; you can read it for yourself. 

I couldn’t have staged the results any better.  I guess this constitutes my first recorded act of VMware evangelism.  Mind you, it’s about a year before my account creation and first post on the VMTN forums, and two years before I started using ESX, sat the ICM class, and became VCP 2712 on VI2.  There had never been a VMworld yet, and John Troyer was still a self employed consultant in the computer software industry (I would later meet John for the first time in 2006 at a bar in Los Angeles, but I digress).  In this particular point in time I’m still using VMware Workstation and probably experimenting with VMware GSX in the lab and formulating a plan for using GSX at the DR/BCP recovery site.

In case you’re curious, I received a reply from Dawn less than an hour afterwards:

You have told me about it and we have it here at work. If I ever add another machine at hole I’ll get it from you, but I don’t see that happening too soon, I just don’t have room for more computers…


To which I replied five minutes later:

With VMWARE, you add more virtual computers on your existing machine. It doesn’t mean you have to go buy more computers. That’s what VMWARE is all about, doing more with what you have. Only thing is that the computer you run you VMs on should have lots of memory and hopefully a decent CPU (P3 or better)


If I get real ambitious, I could add a second post to this later where I mount my .PST files from my previous job which go back to 1998.  Sometime in the 2000/2001 timeframe is when I was introduced to VMware by a former co-worker Paul.  Some of my earliest conversations could be great fun to look at.  I remember having extreme curiosity about how this VMware could possibly work.  In addition, I was totally nervous about installing Windows as a VM as I thought it would wipe out the boot record on my workstation.

And there you have it.  A little history about VMware and my early beginnings with it.  I’m sure everyone has a story to tell.  I’d like to hear yours in the comments below.


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  1. LOL I just had to take you up on that. The oldest email I have on VMware in my GMail box is from July 13, 2001 and it’s actually a whole thread over that summer discussing the new platform we’re building for the developers using Workstation 2.0 (and then the 3.0 beta) and the problems we’re having getting DEC MessageQ working over DECNET on the VMs (using DEC Pathworks for NT) – don’t ask. 🙂

    Oh and the price has come down a lot – it was US$299 a copy back then – converted to todays dollars it’s half the price now. 🙂

  2. I first heard about VMware when Ron Ogleseby was discussing it with a few of us at the MVP Summit, but I didn’t really take much notice and don’t even remember the year. Harry Ruda (CEO of Softricity) seemed very excited about the implications for his company when we had lunch in 2003 and he discussed the EMC purchase of VMware, but I still didn’t take much note. In early 2005, a friend of mine – Gary Lamb, asked me to go into business with him around integrating VMware. I told him that the integration biz was too tough – no thanks. He asked me to just take a look at it, so I agreed. He came over to my house, set up his laptop and IP’d into a mfg. firm where he had consolidated 24 production servers down to 2 ESX hosts. He then showed me vMotion, and I was instantly hooked. We formed AccessFlow a few months later to focus solely on virtualizing data centers with VMware, and using analytical discipline to convince organizations of the great value in doing so. We also created the “VirtualMan” comic book series to help organizations understand the benefits while perhaps showing that the technology really was fun. By our 2nd year in biz, VMware named us “Rising Star of the Americas”.

  3. Duncan says:

    Very cool Jason,

    it’s a shame I don’t keep my old email. I usually clean that kind of stuff up when I leave an employer. I don’t eve save old employer related emails. My GMail VMware references dates back to 2005, but that’s probably around the time I started actively using GMail as before that I always had my own domain and mailservers.

  4. Dawn says:

    Very cool! However, I am a little mortified that my typo of ‘hole’ instead of ‘home’ is now preserved for all eternity on Twitter and the internet as a whole.

  5. jason says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. I had a typo as well. Who cares.

  6. Very cool dude but i regularly nurture my gmail account even SPAM box and with growing amount of emails with smap mails i keep some times aside for checking my mail properly. Heard about VMware and it’s really fine.

  7. gregwstuart says:

    Ha ha, that is awesome. I have to say my earliest history with VMware took place back in December of 2009. The actual email is in to my coworker Ray it reads something like this…

    “Dude, Ray I can’t quite remember where to go to get that ‘VMware Tools’ thing you told me I needed installed on these VMs. Can you refresh my memory?”

    Wow, now about 8 months later, I’m a VCP and if I still couldn’t remember how to install VMware Tools, I should just hang it up!