The Crisis of Credit Visualized

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I must choose my words carefully here.  This is an interesting video creation from Jonathan Jarvis (credit goes to Guy Kawasaki for the discovery) which explains the financial meltdown that has occurred in the United States.  Just about everyone is impacted in one way or another, but many people will have multiple impacts.  Hopefully, for the sake of future generations, this does not happen again.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


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  1. Jeff Snavely says:

    I was disappointed that he left out the detail of how the “risky” CDO slices are re-sliced to create AAA rated securities. This caused significant losses by organizations (towns, university trusts, etc) that were obligated to buy only safe investments.

    Of course, the rating agency incorrectly rated something they didn’t understand, the broker sold something they didn’t understand and the money manager purchased something he didn’t understand.

  2. Todd says:

    He also left out the part the the US government (aka Freddie Mac and Fannie May) played in this process giving out loans to people who really couldn’t afford to pay the mortgages back and left the US taxpayer on the hook. Many of these mortgages became the sub-prime mortgages mentioned above.

  3. Sketch says:

    Its good to see this is coming out in more circles. People need to be made aware of this stuff – its been going on far too long.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

    – No incumbents 2010!

  4. Tarry Singh says:

    Very informative and so shocking! Hopefully generations will learn not to buy until you can pay most of it from your own wallet.

    Credit on such a large irresponsible scale will truly eat away all the savings. Europe isn’t free from such pain, currently the savings of our parents/grandparents are keeping the young and unemployed (some with families running).

    Soon that wealth will dry out as well. then pension fund will be dug out. Finally not much savings will be left. Clear distinction has to be made between REAL money and MONKEY money.


  5. jason says:

    Great to hear from you buddy! Sorry I won’t be seeing you at VMworld Europe this year. I’d love to get there but logistics prohibit me from making the trip. That said, I hope you’re going and you have a good time.