Unable To Retrieve Health Data

September 5th, 2010 by jason Leave a reply »

SnagIt CaptureA number of people, including myself, have noticed that after upgrading to VMware vCenter 4.1, the vCenter Service Status shows red and displays the error message:

Unable to retrieve health data from https://<VC servername or IP address>/converter/health.xml

VMware has provided a workaround to this issue in KB 1025010.¬† The workaround involves installing the ldp.exe application binary from Microsoft, however, since I’m running vCenter Server on Windows Server 2008 R2, the binary is already in place by default and no download and installation was required. I’ve applied the workaround and after a¬†service restart and a brief wait, the Service Status health went completely green, which is desired.

It’s worth nothing for posterity that step 3a is missing a small piece which I have provided in red below:

Double-click DC=virtualcenter,DC=vmware,DC=int, then double-click


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  1. @Jason – Thank you for posting this little tidbit. I had many issues with my vCenter Service Status after upgrading to vCenter 4.1.

    -vCenter Converter health.xml issue (which you’ve mentioned here)
    -vcIntegrity error which was resolved by installing vCenter Update Manager

    There was one other, but suffice to say the vCenter Service Status was not easy to get green across the board after I upgraded to 4.1.

    I also had to completely delete my VUM database and install VUM fresh with a new database. Otherwise I had all kinds of errors and issues with VUM 4.1.