VMware KB Mobile App Launched

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Got an Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android and a desire to search the VMware Knowledgebase or watch the latest KBTV videos on the go?  VMware has your covered with Monday’s launch of the VMware KB Mobile App.  Don’t head to the App Store to download this application – you won’t find it there.  It’s written in HTML 5 meaning you’ll access it like any other web page through your browser.  The link for the application is http://wbxapp.com/vmwarekb.  Following are some screens I grabbed from the iPad:

The VMware KB Mobile App home page.  You’ll find several items of interest here, some of which is dynamic content and will change over time:


Here’s a look at VMware KBTV which has been in existence for quit some time on YouTube.  I watched several vCloud Director video clips from this page:


Here we see an example of searching the Knowledgebase.  There appears to be no granular ability to confine the search to a specific forum or selection of forums.  Given VMware’s wide variety of forums, more often than not search method is going to produce results which are not desired or don’t apply.  Not good:


The search criteria Vcenter actually forwards us to the kb.vmware.com site and yields 300 results, presumably across all product and discussion forums:


Many people have handheld devices which are already HTML 5 compatible or soon will be (Blackberry for example).  This app is FREE.  Take it for a spin and provide feedback to VMware so that they can build in more usefulness in future versions.


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