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If you have a suggestion for how to improve or enhance VMware software, VMware always welcomes your input. Please submit your suggestions through the Feature Request form on VMware’s website. Unless additional information is needed, you will not receive a personal response. Any suggestions for enhancements to VMware software that you submit will become the property of VMware. VMware may use this information for any VMware business purposes, without restriction, including for product support and development. VMware will not use the information in a form that personally identifies you.

Provide your input to VMware and help them maintain status as the most innovative, flexible, and scalable hypervisor on the planet.


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  1. chad king says:

    I decided to request multi CPU – FT – of course I went into a big cause for it though I think it is still huge when looking at the cost associate with something like that. I just think with 10g connections we can maybe look at doing something greater like maybe even site level FT…. You know where VM would be FT’ed across datacenter… very interesting concept or feature I would say but it would also address alot of challenges…Man I wouldn’t know what to do with a 100% uptime world…