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SnagIt CaptureHave you seen the new VMware User Group website?  As a VMUG member or a VMware enthusiast, you need to made aware of a limited time offer which is tied to a new exclusive offer available to VMUG members only.  I’m going to introduce the program in more detail at the May 20th Minneapolis VMUG but you need to know about this offer now because there is an opportunity to purchase the package at a discount between now and May 21, 2011.

  • VMUG Advantage (click the link & view the major benefits) is a new, exclusive offering for all VMUG members around the world.
  • VMUG Advantage provides you an opportunity to enhance your VMware experience and knowledge through specific offers for training, VMworld and product licenses for VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion.
  • Be the first to experience these great offers with VMUG Advantage promotional pricing.
  • Purchase in the first 60 days (now through May 21), and save even more!
  • In a time where the term “return on investment” is more important than ever, VMUG Advantage delivers. Save upwards of USD $1,700 while increasing your knowledge and network.

Shown below is the calculated savings when purchasing now versus waiting until after 5/21:

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VMUG Advantage isn’t for everyone.  Click the earlier VMUG Advantage link and view the benefits.  Depending on your VMware spend for 2011, the discounts you achieve may more than pay for the cost of the VMUG Advantage subscription.  However, if you aren’t planning on a VMworld trip or if you don’t need the eLearning, VMUG Advantage may not be a worthwhile membership for you.  At any rate, you owe it to yourself and your budget to check it out.  There may be something in there for you.

Updated 5/8/11: Following is the list of titles in the All Access eLearning bundle:

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  1. afidel says:

    Hey Jason, any chance we can get a non-commercial license for ESXi and vcenter added to the mix? It’s great that employees and partners can get a non-timelimited license but for the rest of us this program seems like the perfect opportunity for VMWare to allow us to run a legit home lab without having to reinstall every few months.

  2. jason says:

    Great suggestion. This is not my decision but I will certainly float that up to VMUG leadership. Also keep in mind that one of the benefits of becoming a recognized VMware vEXERT is NFR license keys from VMware.

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