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John Troyer (you know him as @jtroyer on Twitter or the guy with the disco ball jacket at social events) has made the announcement that vExpert 2013 applications are now available. Simply put, a vExpert is the formal recognition, by VMware, of being a virtualization rock star.  I haven’t read the latest charter but technically speaking I don’t think one even needs to specifically be a VMware virtualization rock star (hey, we’re all in this virtualization space together for the greater good right?) but it certainly helps.

There are three separate but interrelated tracks to being recognized as a vExpert

  • Evangelist – You’re a blogger, regular speaker, VMTN contributor, etc. who shares the passion with the rest of the community.  You might be employed, but not by VMware or a partner. Nobody really knows.
  • Customer – You’re a customer internal facing proxy evangelist if that makes any sense whatsoever.  You get it.  You make sure your internal organization gets it.
  • VPN (VMware Partner Network) – You work for VMware or a partner and you’re either a rock star by choice or by force.  Either way, you know your stuff and you’re good at sharing with your customers.

The paths are separate but they all converge on fundamental traits within the virtualization community:  Passion. Enthusiasm. Leadership. Knowledge. Outreach.

If you’ve made contributions in any of the areas listed above, consider filling out an application for yourself.  Now is not the time to be modest or bashful.  It is the time to be showered with gifts of VMware licensing and the type of real world respect that is recognized in every corner of the globe.

My application is submitted and I’ve got my fingers crossed.  If I make vExpert 2013, I’ll be in the exclusive Five Timers club (vExpert 2009-2013 inclusive).  Why I remember so long ago receiving the news of my first vExpert award… I was at VMworld Europe in Cannes…


Seriously, here are the important links you need from VMware:

Recommend that someone apply for vExpert 2013:

Apply for vExpert 2013: The deadline for applications is April 15, 2013 at midnight PDT.

The existing VMware vExpert 2012 directory is at

For questions about the application process or the vExpert Program, use the comments below or email


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  1. Arun Raju says:

    Thank you for the heads-up, Jason. I have submitted mine as well.

  2. Great post Jason, that was a funny skit! Hopefully this will be my 3x as a vExpert. You inspired me to do all of this in the first place, thanks buddy!


  3. I too applied …Waiting for results now..