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Last week I saw a tweet referring to a link to the Perfect Cloud virtualization blog which contained a free voucher for the VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) exam (exam code VCAD510).  Admittedly, in the past I didn’t have much interest in sitting this exam but with the free voucher available, I thought I’d give it an impromptu shot (translated: I’ll be sitting the exam immediately with no preparation. Many test takers refer to this as ‘going in cold‘).  My reasoning was that having sat advanced level VMware certifications in the past, I wasn’t overly concerned with preparation on this one.

VMware’s take on VCA-DCV preparation:

There is no training requirement, however there is a free, self-paced elearning class that can help you prepare.

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VMware summarizes the VCA-DCV certification as follows:

With the VCA-Data Center Virtualization certification, you’ll have greater credibility when discussing data center virtualization, the business challenges that vSphere is designed to address, and how virtualizing the data center with vSphere addresses those challenges. You’ll be able to define data center virtualization and provide use case scenarios of how vSphere and data center virtualization can provide cost and operational benefits.

VMware further explains that a successful candidate who passes the VCA-DCV will realize the following benefits:

  • Recognition of your technical knowledge
  • Official transcripts
  • Use of VCA-DCV logo
  • Access to the exclusive VCA portal & logo merchandise store
  • Invitation to beta exams and classes
  • Discounted admission to VMware events
  • Greater opportunities for career advancement

Personally, I would add two additional benefits to this exam:

  • The exam can be taken online from any location with a compatible internet web browser and an internet connection
  • By virtue of the above, coffee is available in the exam room – those who know me know this is a perk

Chris Wahl has a new blog post introducing The New VMware Certified Associate (VCA) Exams.  His video includes VCA exam background, preparation, as well as step by step instructions covering exam registration.

On to the exam.  Length for native English speaking vGeeks is 50 questions in 75 minutes.  Both multiple choice and multiple select style of questions.  VMware’s exam summary was spot on, at least for the latter parts (I’m still awaiting peer/industry feedback on the increase of my credibility part).  Most of the questions dealt with a variably complex business need revolving around… yep you guessed it – datacenter virtualization, and the requirement to recommend a corresponding VMware product or feature that meets the customer need.  Most of the Q & A was straightforward but there were a few I came across which either the question or answers provided were vague enough such that the resulting answer will be left to interpretation leading either to a correct or incorrect answer.  Having plenty of time to complete the exam, I left comments/feedback on these items.

I completed the exam in 20 minutes including the comments/feedback on a handful of questions.  If the candidate has a basic understanding of VMware’s product portfolio as well as the fundamental features in vSphere, time management shouldn’t be an issue.

And that wraps it up.  I’ve added VCA-DCV to my suite of certifications.

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I will now move on to the VCAP5-DCA which I’ve been blowing off successfully since its launch.  That exam is scheduled for early November (earliest available slot at my nearby exam centers) with a 70% off voucher, again thanks to my friends on Twitter.


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  1. Thanks for the link Jason 🙂

  2. jason says:

    Hey no problem – thank you for the comment!

  3. Andrew Mauro says:

    Congrats for the pass. I note that you have spend almost the same mine time (so I’m not the only to found 75min too much).

    And good luck for VCAP5-DCA.

  4. marcus says:

    I just took the VCP class at my community college where I am earning my Networking admin degree. My teacher gave us a voucher code for 70% off but when I input the code it is only giving me 25% off! I’m a poor college student and the only way I can take that test is with 70% off! Why VMWare?! Why?!

  5. jason says:

    VMware is running a promotion for the new VCA exam launch which I believe goes through the end of this year whereby 50% of the exam is already knocked off with a discount code. If you read my blog post thoroughly, you’ll find a link towards the top which will lead you to a voucher that will knock off the other 50% of the exam cost thereby netting you a free exam.

  6. slito says:

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