VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials

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A new vSphere book has just arrived and has been added to my library. The book’s title is VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials which was authored by Technical Virtualization Architect and vExpert Lauren Malhoit (@malhoit) with reviews from Michael Poore, Mike Preston, and Chris Wahl.

I ordered this book while attending Dell User Forum a few weeks ago where I did some breakout session speaking on vC Ops and the new Dell Storage adapters for vC Ops.

“This book is written for administrators, engineers, and architects of VMware vSphere as well as those who have or are interested in purchasing the vCenter Operations Manager Suite. It will particularly help administrators who are hoping to use vCenter Operations Manager to optimize their VMware environments as well as quickly troubleshoot both long-term and short-term issues.”

Skimming through the chapter list covering 236 pages, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty good read.

Chapter 1: Introduction to vCenter Operations Manager

Chapter 2: Installing vCenter Operations Manager

Chapter 3: Dashboards and Badges (badges?…. had to be said)

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Our Virtual Environment with vCenter Operations Manager

Chapter 5: Capacity Planning with vCenter Operations Manager

Chapter 6: Reports

Chapter 7: vCenter Configuration Manager

Chapter 8: Log Insight

Chapter 9: VMware Horizon View Integration with vCenter Operations Manager

Chapter 10: vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

Chapter 11: EMC Storage Analytics

Why did I pick up this book? vC Ops is extremely powerful and it has a bit of a learning curve to it. This is what resonated with me the most when I first began using the product. Over time, vCenter has become an integral component in VMware vSphere virtualized datacenters and it will continue to do so as more and more applications and services are integrated with and become dependent on it. vC Ops ties together many datacenter infrastructure pieces and allows virtualization, IaaS, cloud computing, and VDI to be delivered more intelligently. I would like to learn more about vC Ops and hopefully pick up some helpful tips on building custom dashboards with stock and add-on adapters/collectors as well as custom widgets


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