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February 25th, 2012

I receive a lot of communication from recruiters, some of which I’m allowed to share, so I’ve decided to try something.  On the Jobs page, I’ll pass along virtualization and cloud centric opportunities – mostly US based but in some cases throughout the globe.  Only recruiter requests will be posted.  I won’t syndicate content easily found on the various job boards.  If you’re currently on the bench or looking for a new challenge, you may find it here.  Don’t tell them Jason sent you.  I receive no financial gain or benefit otherwise but I thought I could do something with these opportunities other than deleting them.  Best of luck in your search.

In case you missed the link, the Jobs page.

Twitter yourself a job

January 4th, 2009

My local newspaper carried a Wall Street Journal column this morning by Jonnelle Marte entitled Twitter Yourself a Job.  If you feel Twitter is a waste of time (as I did a while back, and sometimes still do depending on my mood), Jonnelle’s story may change your mind.  By the way, I am @jasonboche on Twitter.