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Virtual Iron

November 9th, 2008

I got back from a run tonight and had to quickly get ready to go out with the family to celebrate my mother’s engagement at a nice sit down dinner in St. Paul.  In my rush I noticed the pants and shirt I was planning to wear were wrinkled. 

I still needed a shower and recalled an old bachelor trick I used to use when there was no time for ironing:  Take a shower with the clothes hanging in the bathroom where the shower is running.  The steam generated by the hot shower takes the wrinkles out of the clothes pretty well.  For maximum effectiveness, don’t open the window in the bathroom or run the fan as you might usually do.  Also close the bathroom door.  This traps the steam in the bathroom so it has no place to go.

What if you don’t have to take a shower and don’t want to waste water?  There’s a second trick that works equally as well or better.  Throw the clothes in the dryer along with a damp wash cloth and run the dryer on high heat for five minutes.

We had a great dinner and I wish my mother and her fiance much happiness together.