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Soup up your computer with a VMworld 2008 screensaver

November 1st, 2008

Get yourself a VMworld 2008 screensaver at  Sorry Linux and MAC users, no compiled version for you until your desktop platform’s market share dethrones Microsoft Windows.  However, there is some hope if you’re a Linux or MAC user working at VMware in the Palo Alto offices.  The included .sfp file reveals the location of the Macromedia flash which you should be able to view on the corporate network:  S:\Marketing\Graphics\Web Site\vmworld2008_screensaver\vmw08_1280x1024\vmw08_ss1280x1024_v15.swf  Be sure to get Marketing’s approval first.

By the way VMware, is VMwrold2008 an easter egg, or just a v-typo?  🙂


Microsoft Windows Add or Remove Programs terminology clarified

October 26th, 2008

A look at “Add or Remove Programs” on a Microsoft Windows machine reveals a list of installed software and Microsoft Windows Updates.  To the right of each program are details on installation size, use frequency, and date last used.  I rarely use the information on the right hand side because I’ve found it to be unreliable.  Take a peek at the example below.  Adobe Acrobat, a program I use often for reading and creating .PDF files is listed as being used “frequently”, yet I apparently haven’t used Adobe Acrobat since 12/23/2005, which was around the time this machine was built.


Well what exactly does the term “frequently” mean then?  Below are the defintions from Microsoft. 


Things are so much clearer to me now.  Well, not really.  Arbitrary definitions from one Microsoft developer are just that, arbitrary and potentially meaningless to the next person.  The reality of it is this is a broken feature that I’ll venture guess has behaved this way since Windows 2000 (I recall the screens being similar or identical).  Added shame is this misinformation comes from a Windows Server.  One would think this type of information would be easily gathered and reliably reported on a server class operating system.