Top 10 referring pages as of 11/21/08

November 21st, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

Thanks for sending traffic my way. It’s a little easier to write when I know you’re providing readership.


What’s also kind of interesting is seeing the growing list of referrals coming from private and corporate intranet sites.  I can’t access their referral page because there is no route to it from the internet, but I can sum the referring URL + the page being hit on my side to get a good idea of how information is being used internally.


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  1. Duncan says:

    I see the same thing on A lot of internal sites you can’t reach. Funny thing is mine scores about the same with VMETC really high. He must be having a lot of hits on his site.

  2. rbrambley says:

    Jason, Duncan,

    I just make sure I reference to the smart guys over at!

    What are you using for the stats? WordPress Counterize plug-in? Google Analytics?

  3. jason says:

    Rich, In previous years I used WebTrends but they have priced themselves way out of my market so now I use AWstats: It was a bit of a pain to get set up and working properly on the web server with IIS (you can tell the person or persons that wrote it favored Apache) but it provides good info for me now. It’s free which helps me a lot.