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6-6-2010 12-31-26 PMThe economy has been rough.  Individuals and businesses have felt the impacts in various ways.  Reduction of income or revenue.  Increased operational expenses.  Reduction in valuation of homes or assets.  Downsizing of staff.  The slashing of budgets, including training, conferences, and travel.  Those who are in verticals which tail economic trends by a year or two will begin feeling the impacts soon.

As a reader of this blog, you already know VMworld 2010 in San Francisco is just a few months away.  If you’re like me, you’re wondering “How am I going to get there this year?”  Due to the reasons I’ve outlined above, details are sketchy on whether or not you’ll get to go.  Management says “Ask again in August, we’ll let you know.”  It doesn’t sound promising.  Or maybe you’ve already been told “It’s just too expensive given the economy, sorry.” would like to help.  If you can get yourself to the door of the Moscone Center, will get you in.  This is a $1,895 value if you were to purchase a conference pass at the door.  There is no purchase necessary for this contest other than your own T&E (transportation, hotel, van down by the river, etc.)  On Friday June 18th, 2010, one random and lucky winner who has followed the contest rules completely (detailed below) will be revealed.

The intent here is not to save a company money.  Rather, to make the difference between someone going to VMworld versus not going.  Therefore, I would appreciate it if entries would be limited to those who do not already have budget approval for the VMworld conference pass.  At the same time, should you win, you owe it to yourself and the other contestants to follow through and attend the conference.  It would be a shame for the pass to go to waste.  Perhaps another blogger or vendor would like to co-sponsor airfare or hotel for the winner.  Consider this an open invitation for co-sponsorship.

Be sure to read the VMworld 2010 FAQ so that you thoroughly understand the conference logistics, ensuring you are an eligible candidate to attend.

Update 6/6/10: I’m happy to announce that Gestalt IT has graciously offered to pay for the airfare.  In addition to the VMworld conference pass, Gestalt IT will provide the winner with round trip airfare, up to $500.  All we ask in return is that the recipient provide a post-VMworld write-up of what they learned from attending the conference.  This could be a written document, a blog post, a video, you choose.  Thank you Gestalt IT for your donation!

Contest Rules:

  1. Post one comment/reply and only one comment/reply to this blog article below.
    • Include your first and last name.
    • Provide a valid email address when completing the comment form.
    • Include a short bio about yourself and how you use VMware currently or how you would like to leverage VMware products.
    • Include three (3) things you are looking to gain from attending VMworld 2010 (ie. Why do you want to go?)
    • Contest entry must be recieved by noon CST Thursday June 17th, 2010.
  2. One (1) random winner will be chosen Thursday evening June 17th, 2010.
    • Winner will be contacted via email address provided above.
    • Winner will recieve a VMworld 2010 San Francisco conference pass.
    • Winner will receive airfare up to $500 from Gestalt IT.
    • Winner will provide a post-VMworld write-up of what they learned from attending the conference to Gestalt IT.
  3. Contest results will posted Friday June 18th, 2010.
  4. The conference pass is non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  5. Hotel, meals, and other expenses are not covered by
  6. No purchase necessary.

Good Luck!

Update 6/17/10: 


A name has been randomly drawn and we have a winner! Congratulations to contest winner Greg Stuart who will be receiving a VMworld 2010 conference pass and round trip airfare (up to $500).  Greg’s winning entry and BIO is listed below:

I currently work for an organization that has begun to leverage VMware more and more. I’m new to virtualization and would like to gain a better knowledge of the VMware products, attend some hands on sessions and come back with solutions that I can employ in our environment. The ability to discuss scenarios and solutions with vendors in person would be awesome.

I’m pleased with the outcome of the contest.  Greg is new to virtualization and I think there is a lot of valuable information he will be able to pick up at VMworld.  Better yet, VMworld is a 4 day event this year – Monday thru Thursday instead of 3 days as it was prior years.  This affords Greg the opportunity to take in a whole extra day of content.

Thank you to all who participated in the contest including Gestalt IT for contributed the round trip airfare.  Although there could ultimately be only one grand prize contest winner, my hope is that you all will make the show this year somehow.  There are nearly 90 comments/replies to this post explaining the values which VMworld can provide. Much of this content could be borrowed to write or improve your own compelling justification, hopefully earning you a trip to VMworld.

Everyone have a great weekend!


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