Gestalt IT Tech Field Day – Veeam

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Gestalt IT Tech field Day – Day 1:  First on the agenda this morning is Veeam.  Their focus for today will be on Backup and Replication which is great because I was wanting more details on their SureBackup offering.  A quick introduction on some products and Veeam’s charter:

Free Products

  • Veeam FastSCP
  • Veeam Business View
  • Veeam Monitor Free Edition
  • Veeam Reporter Free Edition (announced today, available within 30 days)

Pay Products

  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Veeam Reporter
  • Veeam Monitor
  • nworks

The Veeam Product Strategy Alignment:

  1. Past and Present: VMware vSphere
  2. What’s next: Hyper-V

Today’s focus: Veeam Backup and Replication

Virtualization introduces a paradigm shift in our datacenter processes surrounding data protection and business continuation planning.  Traditional tools don’t fit any more.  Veeam provides the right tools for the virtualized datacenter.

Veeam has also introduced vPower: Virtualization-Powered Data Protection.  vPower is not a single product or technology in and of itself, it’s a suite of existing and new technologies.  What are the key components of vPower?  SureBackup, InstantRestore, and SmartCDP.  Let’s take a look in more detail:

  • Run a VM directly from a backup file
  • Automatically manager isolated virtual lab
  • Instant VM recovery
  • Universal application item recovery (U-AIR)
    • Wizard driven recovery for technologies such as MS AD, MS Exchange, and MS SQL
    • User directed item recovery from any application or database
  • Recovery verification
  • Rapid execution keeping RTO to a bare minimum

Veeam proceeded with a live lab demo using alpha code.  There was plenty of enthusiasm in the room from the delegates about the technology as it relates to virtualization.  The delegates revealed a strong foundation in virtualization concepts.  Generally speaking, this is cool and revolutionary technology, however, there were concerns expressed in a few areas:

  1. Networking:  How do we ensure an isolated lab environment to avoid the pitfalls of duplicate machine identities or unintentional routing on the network?
  2. Performance:  How well does the VM run which is tied to archive files?  Is there measurable, and more importantly, predictable overhead for common workload types?
  3. Understanding:  This data protection and recovery approach, while innovative, is nonetheless new. Is there a with an inherent learning curve for datacenter operators or administrators?  Enabled with a wizard driven interface, I’d argue no, not really.  So long as the product works as designed, should we care how it ticks?  Like Lab Manager or Willy Wonka, you don’t ask how it works, “it just does”.

Veeam already has solid products but it is clear they aren’t content with resting on their laurels.  They continue to push the envelope in backup, replication, and disaster recovery, making the lives of data administrators and lowering RTO.

Availability: Q3 2010 (VMworld launch?)

Note : Tech Field Day is a sponsored event. Although I receive no direct compensation and take personal leave to attend, all event expenses are paid by the sponsors through Gestalt IT Media LLC. No editorial control is exerted over me and I write what I want, if I want, when I want, and how I want.