VMworld 2014 U.S. Top Ten Sessions

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Following is the tabulated listing of VMworld 2014 U.S. top ten session as of noon PST 8/28/14. If you plan on catching up on recorded sessions later, this top ten list should be highly considered. Nice job goes out to all of the presenters in this list as well as all presenters at VMworld.

Tuesday – STO1965.1 – Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive
Rawlinson Rivera, VMware
Suzy Visvanathan, VMware

Tuesday – NET1674 – Advanced Topics & Future Directions in Network Virtualization with NSX
Bruce Davie, VMware

Tuesday – BCO1916.1 – Site Recovery Manager and Stretched Storage: Tech Preview of a New Approach to Active-Active Data Centers
Shobhan Lakkapragada, VMware
Aleksey Pershin, VMware

Tuesday – INF1522 – vSphere With Operations Management: Monitoring the Health, Performance and Efficiency of vSphere with vCenter Operations Manager
Kyle Gleed, VMware
Ryan Johnson, VMware

Tuesday – SDDC3327 – The Software-defined Datacenter, VMs, and Containers: A “Better Together” Story
Kit Colbert, VMware

Tuesday – SDDC1600 – Art of IT Infrastructure Design: The Way of the VCDX – Panel
Mark Gabryjelski, Worldcom Exchange, Inc.
Mostafa Khalil, VMware
chris mccain, VMware
Michael Webster, Nutanix, Inc.

Tuesday – VAPP1318.1 – Virtualizing Databases Doing IT Right – The Sequel
Michael Corey, Ntirety – A Division of Hosting
Jeff Szastak, VMware

Tuesday – SEC1959-S – The “Goldilocks Zone” for Security
Martin Casado, VMware
Tom Corn, VMware

Monday – HBC1533.1 – How to Build a Hybrid Cloud – Steps to Extend Your Datacenter
Chris Colotti, VMware
David Hill, VMware

Monday – INF1503 – Virtualization 101
Michael Adams, VMware


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