VMware VI network communications and port usage diagram

November 6th, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

Nigel Metheringham has taken the information I posted here and updated it with information from page 179 of the VMware ESX Server 3 Configuration Guide

The result is a current diagram of VMware Virtual Infrastructure network communications and port usage which applies to both ESX and ESXi.  Nigel sent me the updated document via email so that I can update the information on the VMware Communities, however, they are currently unavailable due to planned maintenance so in the mean time I’m making the document available here.  Thank you Nigel!

Download from the link below:



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  1. altonius says:

    Sorry, I left the other comment over at VM /ETC.

    Does 3.5 need ICMP communication to the Default Gateway as part of the standard config for VMHA?

  2. Vasilli says:

    Great work! What about ports for SRM and Update Manager?

  3. jason says:

    altonius, ICMP is a protocol in and of itself and does not utilize port numbers as we know them in the TCP/IP world for TCP and UDP datagrams. About the best we could for the diagram is draw a line to a default gateway object and label it “ICMP” but without a port number.

    Vasilli, good suggestion and frankly it’s been in the back of my mind that we’re gonna have to get the rest of the family of VMware products that interact with VI somehow squeezed into the diagram. Let’s save that for version 2.0. I haven’t gotten SRM in the lab – no clue what ports it uses. To really discover SRM may be a stretch for me because of the hardware and licensing elements required (storage, replication, etc.) We might be better off hunting down a document from VMware to fill us in on the ports.

  4. Tom Howarth says:

    Get you self a copy of Mike Lavericks new book on SRM, it does a good job of prepping you.

  5. NiTRo says:

    Would you add the VMware converter port usage too ? I think to those who need to P2V some DMZ servers 😉

  6. Kelyluis says:

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  7. altonius says:

    the pdf link is broken at the moment.