Free tool released as promised: Veeam Monitor

December 22nd, 2008 by jason Leave a reply »

Veeam has come through with their greatly anticipated free tool that had been receiving festive holiday hype leading up to this morning’s release.  The download queues are jammed at the moment but the tool can be grabbed from this link

I’m preoccupied with babysitting (for the next two weeks actually) and unfortunately I don’t have the resources to go into details about this release.  For that, I’d like to refer you to a few blogs that have alread done a good job of this, in chronological order of how they showed up in my RSS reader:  Rynardt Spies, Mike Laverick, David Marshall, Scott Lowe, and Rich Brambley

Enjoy this present and be sure to send a warm “Thank You” to the people at Veeam such as Doug Hazelman, Carrie Reber, and the rest of the talented staff.

PS.  I had announced this tool at the Minneapolis VMUG last Friday.  Up until this point, I had always been pronouncing the company name as VEEM (with a long E).  Someone at the VMUG corrected me saying that the company name is pronounced “VEE’-am” (like two words with the stress on the long E and a short A afterwards).


12-22-2008 10-09-41 AM

Well how do you like that?  Veeam pronunciation restored once again to the previous version.  That’s the last time I listen to someone at a VMUG.  Nothing exciting happens at VMUGs anyway.  😉


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  1. Jason,

    Thanks for the post. Also, it is pronounced VEEM (with the long E), not sure who that person at the VMUG was, maybe the same person who told you about the free gift ;-).

    Remember, Veeam Rhymes with Team (but not Green, but it’s close).



  2. Stu says:

    Yeh I always pronounced it VEEM as well, although I have my suspicions that the name may have been originally conceived as a play on ‘VM’ ala VEE-AM where the ‘AM’ is short like ‘AMerica’

  3. jason says:

    But Stu I think we’ll all agree there is no F anywhere in Veeam. 🙂