VMworld Europe 2009 Sunday afternoon pictures

February 22nd, 2009 by jason Leave a reply »

This blog post is mostly about my first pictures taken in France. It’s a beautiful and fascinating destination. It is a new experience for me being in an environment where English is not the native language. Although most people I need help from speak fair to good English, I had a conversation with a few where we could not communicate because I don’t know a lick of French and the person did not know English other than “Sorry” which basically means I need to try someone else. Most of the vehicles here are compact which is a necessity because the roads are pretty narrow. I’ve seen only one SUV. Quite a change from the US. Scooters are also a popular mode of transportation and I even saw a licensed 4 wheeler (quad) driving down the middle of the road with a passenger.

Now for some pictures from today.

Boarding the bus from Nice airport to Cannes:

DSC00480 DSC00479

Pictures of the countryside leaving Nice:

DSC00482 DSC00483


DSC00494 DSC00497 DSC00496

Registration (do you recognize @svenh from the back in the 2nd picture?):

DSC00491 DSC00493

My hotel room, looking out the open window, and the VMworld registration backpack contents:

DSC00498 DSC00499 DSC00502

Last but not least, a Blenheim colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (I have two):


Tonight I head to the Mediterranean where virtualization management vendor, Veeam, is having party on a boat. It should be a good time and I heard rumors of snuggies or snuggles or whatever those bathrobe blankets are called.