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It has been an interesting travel day thus far. We were delayed getting out of Minneapolis by 1h25m and there was a delay getting out of Chicago by an additional hour. All delays due to weather (snow). Fortunately I didn’t miss my connecting flight and I’ve still got time to catch the flight from Dublin to Nice. The overseas flight so far is surprisingly comfortable. Much more than I expected. Getting an aisle seat helps. The supper was good: roast beef, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, salad, dinner roll, apple crisp. Breakfast in a few more hours. I can’t remember the last time I had a meal on a flight. It officially felt weird.

Looking at the VMworld Europe 2009 sessions during the long leg of my trip from Chicago to Dublin, I once again find myself in the same impossible situation that I encounter with all previous VMworld conferences: Too many great sessions, not enough time in the day.

Listed below are the sessions I’m interested in. There are a ton of overlaps which I’ll need to sort out soon with a prioritization process that I haven’t defined yet with one exception: LABs. I heavily favor hands on LAB sessions. The nice thing about LAB sessions is that they are all day sessions (Tuesday thru Thursday) making them the most flexible along with being the most desired.

In addition to the regular sessions offered Tuesday thru Thursday, I’m also interested in some of the Partner Day sessions that are being held on Monday before the official VMworld event kicks off for everyone else who is not a partner. There is one problem: I’m not a partner. If anyone out there knows how I might sneak into Partner sessions, let me know. If it helps any, I’ve got a VMworld Press Pass.

Sessions I’m interested in:
AP02 – Best Practices for Deploying SharePoint/MOSS 2007 on VMware Infrastructure
AP05 – SQL Server Performance on VMware: Best Practices, Recommendations, Tuning, and Troubleshooting
AP08 – Virtualizing Citrix XenApp Application Server
AP09 – Virtualizing Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise on VMware Infrastructure
AP12 – Managing Application Performance with vCenter AppSpeed
AP14 – Java/Web-tier applications on VMware ESX: Best Practices
DC06 – Virtualization Management: Managing the Next-Generation Datacenter
DC07 – Tech Preview: vCenter Server
DC08 – vCenter Server for Linux
DC10 – Choosing a Solution for vCenter Server Availability
DC14 – Overview of 2009 VMware datacenter products
DC15 – Hypervisor Competitive Differences: Beyond the Data Sheet
DC18 – Introduction to VMware vCenter ConfigControl
DC24 – VMware Infrastructure – How it all fits together
DC25 – VMware vCenter Data Recovery: Technical Overview
DC26 – vStorage – Storage integration for the VDC-OS
DC28 – VMware HA Cluster in Enterprise – Deep Dive and Best Practices
LAB01 – Next Generation Datacenter Exploration
LAB02 – Securing the Virtual DataCenter with VMware vShield Zones
LAB06 – VMware vCenter Data Recovery Tech Preview
LAB07 – VMware vCenter AppSpeed
LAB11 – VMware VI Toolkit for Windows (powershell)
LAB12 – vNetwork Distributed Switch Tech Preview: Cisco Nexus 1000v
LAB13 – VMSafe Altor Networks VF Virtual Firewall
TA01 – Managing VMware With PowerShell
TA02 – Unattended Deployment of VMware Infrastructure 3
TA03 – An Introduction to VMware vCenter Chargeback
TA04 – VMware ESXi 3.0 Troubleshooting
TA05 – Best Practices for running VI3 on NFS storage
TA12 – Introducing VMware Converter 4.0: What’s new and Different
TA14 – VMware ESXi and PXE
TA15 – Protecting your vCenter Server using vCenter Heartbeat
TA19 – VMware ESX and Future Architectural Directions
TA20 – Cisco Nexus 1000V Technical Preview
TA21 – VMware Infrastructure Networking New Features
TA22 – Technology Preview: vCenter CapacityIQ
TA24 – Fault Tolerance Performance Preview
TP07 – The End of the Beginning: The Next Phase of Virtual Infrastructure
TP11 – Intel Platform Advancements Accelerating the Next Generation of Virtualization
TP33 – AMD Quad-Core: Driving New Levels of Efficiency for Virtualization in the datacenter
TP34 – Designing the Next Generation Data Center
TP39 – Virtualizing Exchange 2007 on ESX 3.5
???? – VMTN: Ask the Experts


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  1. Roger Lund says:


    Have fun, and learn a lot. Wish I could go.

    oh and take some pictures man, i’ve never been there, :0)

    Roger L