VMworld Europe 2009 Tuesday keynote

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DSC00569 The general session keynote was kicked off by Maurizio Carli, General Manager EMEA. Maurizio briefly talked about VMware EMEA growth:

  • VMworld Europe 2008 4,500 attendees
  • VMworld Europe 2009 4,700 attendees
  • 100 sponsors this year

DSC00570 Paul Maritz President and CEO began his keynote discussing today’s IT problems and how they are not sustainable into the future. The solution is:

  • Efficiency
  • Control
  • Choice

VMware addresses the above with the following initiatives:

  1. VDC-OS – Foundation for the Cloud
  2. vCloud – Choice and Cloud Federation
  3. vClient – Desktop as a Service


DSC00575 The Cloud as Architecture from the bottom up. Virtualization is the key to making all of this happen in an evolutionary way:

  • Datacenter/Cloud

VMware vSphere

    • Existing Apps/New Apps – Existing and multiple future app models
    • Management – SLA management model
    • Policies – Security, Compliance…
    • Software – Scale and availability through software
    • Hardware – Industry standard building blocks

Paul went on to discuss the vSphere Architecture and its components. Other than the vSphere name being introduced, the slide looked identical to that of what was presented at VMworld 2008 and what exists on the VDC-OS web page.

VMware vCenter Suite SLA Driven Management Model:

  • Availability
  • Security
  • Performance

2009 is the year virtualization users have been waiting for. Quoting Paul, there will be no reason why we can not virtualize 100% of the workloads in our environment. That is a confident statement and it makes me enthusiastic about things to come.


I have been witness to a lot of discussion, including a degree of uncertainty (including my own), concerning cloud computing. VMware is addressing the concerns by working with service providers to ensure compatibility between internal and external clouds (ie. Sungard). In addition, they are working with standards bodies to avoid a “Hotel California” situation where you can check in but never check out.

Paul brought up a few guest speakers to talk about the cloud and they performed live demos as well.



Unfortunately at this point, wireless went down and I was scrambling to reproduce content above that was lost and I hadn’t saved yet.  That said, I didn’t get as much of the vClient content as I would have liked.  Brian Madden was licking his chops for desktop content so hopefully he can round out the discussion.

VMware View Enables Desktop as a Service. Layers from the bottom up:

  • VMware View
  • vCenter
  • VDC-OS/vSphere
  • Hardware

VMware View: Complete Roll-Out in 2009:

  • Management
    • Centralized template-based management
    • App virtualization
    • Thin provisioning
  • WAN
    • Hi latency
    • Low bandwidth
    • Productive Desktop
  • LAN
    • HD video
    • Flash
    • 3D graphics
  • Local
    • Use local resources
    • Optimal media experience
    • Rich portable desktop

The next speaker to take the stage talked about SAP.  Rather than listen to him, I spent some time editing this post for final submission.

I’m now heading on to the sessions.

For those interested, don’t miss the VMTN:  Ask the Experts session today and tomorrow at 13:00 in the Community Lounge.  My wife Amy baked chocolate chip cookies for those who attend.  Hurry before they run out!


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  1. Sean Clark says:

    “..there will be no reason why we can not virtualize 100% of the workloads in our environment.”

    AMEN, brother Paul!! I’ve been doing this in the small biz space all year. I hope enough CIOs and CTOs are listening and buying into this vision. We’ll need their support to hold the gun to the ISV’s heads and force them to support virtual and to architect their products with virtualisation in mind.

  2. MartijnL says:

    Like I commented on Yellow Bricks, I liked this post a lot. The pictures combined with the text make it a great high level summary report.