TrainSignal vSphere Training DVD 1 Completed

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This evening I finished viewing the first of three TrainSignal vSphere Training DVDs authored by VCP and CCIE David Davis. Having viewed TrainSignal’s last VMware Virtual Infrastructure training on VI3, I knew I was in for some good stuff.

DVD 1 starts off with introductions to the video’s instructor as well as a hypothetical company which is used as a focus and discussion point throughout the video series. Practical application of technologies to a role played scenario, the Wired Brain Coffee Company in this case, serves as positive reinforcement to the lessons being taught and is an effective method for knowledge retention, especially if the student is following along and working hands on in their own lab through the examples.

The video then sets a beginner’s pace as it covers VMware certification, virtualization basics. Moving on, it compares and contrasts VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix hypervisors. Beyond this comparison, the focus from here on out is on VMware products where a closer look is taken at the different components and tiers of vSphere.

Half way through the DVD, we’re finally to the point where we’re installing and configuring the vSphere products. One valuable offering from the video is a lesson describing the steps needed to install ESX and ESXi in VMware Workstation. This is what is called a nested hypervisor – an ESX(i) type 1 (bare metal) hypervisor running on top of a VMware Workstation type 2 (hosted) hypervisor. Nested hypervisors are not supported in production environments but they are quite helpful in lab, test, and portable environments.

Towards the end, lesson 17 provides a nice demonstration of a VMware Tools installation in a Linux guest operating system which isn’t nearly as straight forward as a VMware Tools on Windows installation. The last two lessons begin touching on some of the new advanced features that vSphere offers: Hot Add/Hot Plug virtual hardware and Host Profiles.

Thus far my feeling is this training is geared towards the beginner to intermediate level. I’m looking forward to DVD 2 where the instructor dives into more of the advanced design, configuration, and operational topics of VMware vSphere. I’ve attended VMware’s vSphere What’s New (2 day) and VMware’s vSphere Quick Start (5 day) classes. With approximately 150 new features making their debut in vSphere, I’ve yet to see anyone cover them all – that would be a tall order.

DVD 1 Lessons:

  1. Meet Your Instructor
  2. Our Scenario with the Wired Brain Coffee Company
  3. VMware Certification – Preparing for the VCP and VCDX
  4. Introduction to Virtualization
  5. Virtualization Products Compared
  6. VMware ESXi4 Free Edition for the SMB
  7. VMware vSphere 4 and ESX Essentials
  8. vSphere Management Options
  9. Installing the VMware vSphere Client
  10. Navigating vSphere Using the vSphere Client
  11. Running VMware ESX 4 in Workstation
  12. Installing VMware ESX 4
  13. Installing VMware ESXi Version 4
  14. Installing VMware vCenter 4
  15. vCenter4 – Configuring Your New Virtual Infrastructure
  16. Creating & Modifying Virtual Guest Machines
  17. Installing and Configuring VMware Tools
  18. Adding Virtual Machine Hardware with vSphere Hot Plug
  19. Using vSphere Host Profiles

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  1. David Davis says:

    Great post! Thank you Jason!

  2. sajid says:

    im very new to vm ware in fact i just know that its a virtualisation software. i know certain concepts for windows server 2003. is this sufficient for me to buy vm ware course from train signal ?

    can i learn it starting from zero just with the dvds provided by them?

    thanks regards

  3. jason says:

    sajid, Based on what I have seen so far with the vSphere training as well as the Virtual Infrastructure 3 training from TrainSignal, I think it would be beneficial for you. As I stated in my blog post above, after viewing DVD 1, I have rated TrainSignal’s vSphere training as a beginner to intermediate level training tool. Through the first half of DVD 1, David Davis (the instructor) walks the student through beginner level virtualization concepts and introduces the student to VMware, as well as Microsoft and Citrix virtualization technologies. Click on the TrainSignal link in this blog post or anywhere on my site and order this DVD training series.


  4. Vladan says:

    I can confirm Jason’s point of view. They are easy to follow videos, which you can revisit several times if you don’t understand a topic.

    You don’t have to be a virtualization guru to understand, because the videos are based for someone who begins with virtualization. But there are some great advanced topic showed too…and David does a great job as a teacher… -:)

  5. eagle says:


    where i could to download the DVD image? Thanks!

  6. jason says:

    Hi eagle,

    I think if you visit they will be more than happy to provide you with a copy.