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During a recent trip, I decided to use GoGo Inflight Internet aboard a Delta Airlines flight.  I’ve only used the service once before and that is merely because the service typically isn’t offered on the flights I am on.  Both the reliability and latency of service far exceeded my expectations.  I used the service for a little over three hours and lost only 77 frames: 

Ping statistics for w.x.y.z:
Packets: Sent = 8650, Received = 8573, Lost = 77 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 107ms, Maximum = 3220ms, Average = 205ms

I was easily able to upgrade a vCenter Server and build an ESXi host to vSphere 4.1, as well as process a bunch of email I had fallen behind on.  The cost was $9.95 and given my satisfaction of the service and what I was able to accomplish, it was well worth the price.  I wish more flights offered this service.

Two Thumbs Up! 😎


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  1. I’ve actually started working flight schedules around which ones have in-flight wi-fi. I feel like I get hours and hours of my workday back, and it definitely pays for itself. One of the biggest problems with air travel is solved, for me.

  2. Colin Steele says:

    Coming this summer, Samuel L. Jackson in … “Virtualization on a Plane!”