VCDX Talk with Jason Boche and David Davis

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Train Signal was nice enough to invite me to an on camera chat at VMworld 2010 regarding VMware’s VCDX certification.  The video, along with a flattering introduction, is located here.  David Davis asked some good questions and I had a great time talking with him.  Train Signal provided me with the right to reproduce the video and you’ll find it embedded below:

Update 10/23/10: Just one day later, a video was released where David Davis interviews VCDX001 John Arrasjid at VMworld Europe.  This is an outstanding resource for those going down the path of the VCDX.  Follow the link below:

VIDEO: VMware’s John Arrasjid, VCDX001, Interviewed by David Davis at VMworld

Update 10/26/10: Here’s a link to another great video which has emerged from VMworld Europe where John Troyer interviews John Arrasjid, VCDX001:

VCDX Program – John Arrasjid, Principal Architect, VMware, Inc.


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  1. Kasia says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts on the VCDX. This video is like nothing else out there, it offers vital information that anyone considering taking the VCDX path will find useful.

    Thank you again.

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